Call to action: State-wide Gambia week in Baden-Württemberg

Download as PDF: Call to action: State-wide Gambia week in Baden-Württemberg in english

The Refugee Council (Flüchtlingsrat) of Baden-Württemberg and the initiators of the petition „Dictatorship in Gambia – no deportation of refugees from this country“ are calling for a statewide Gambia action week from December 3rd to December 10th – International HumanRights Day.

The Interior Minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg and deputy leader of the CDU, Thomas Strobl, wants to declare Gambia a „safe country of origin“. In contrast to Mr. Strobl, we hear on a daily basis about the terrible reasons which cause people to flee from Gambia.

Therefore our demand is: Dictatorship in Gambia – no deportation of refugees from this country!
Gambia is ruled by one of the worst dictatorships in Africa. Human rights organisations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch as well as the UN Human Rights Comittee have been pointing out crimes against humanity for many years: Unlawful arrests, systematic torture, murder of journalists and executions following secret trials.
The dictator Yahya Jammeh holds his entire people in fear, persecutes alleges „witches“ and „sorcerers“, sentences homosexuals to life imprisonment and threatens the Mandinka ethnic group (40% of the population) with extermination.
Due to the intolerable human rights situstion, the European Union has stop most aid payments in the past years. On December 1st, presedentiel elections will take place in Gambia. The dictator Jammeh, who came to power in a coup in 1994, is seeking re-election for the fifth time. Human Rights Watch
sees no chance of a free and fair election. A „climate of fear“ makes it impossible to opponents of the regime to express their opinion regarding the government.
Despite this shocking situation, the german Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), rejects most refugees from Gambia and in some cases also orders deportations, which are carried out by the authorities in Baden-Württemberg.

We call on Gambian people, refugees, supporters and aid organisations in Baden-Württemberg to support the Gambia week! Join together at locl level, organise information stalls, meetings, small and big events in as many towns as possible. People from 35 different towns have already pledged to participate. Please contact the email adresses below to let us know if and how you would like to take part. Further information will follow shortly
Information (also regarding how to support the campaign) is available via
our Campaign homepage:
and these adresses:
Download as PDF: Call to action: State-wide Gambia week in Baden-Württemberg in english

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